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Welcome to Vivid. We provide OB and production facilities for a wide range of broadcasters and production companies creating high quality, entertaining and dynamic content. We love what we do and are committed to providing bespoke solutions and a personal service with exactly the right kit and crew for the job.

"The client is over the moon and really pleased. This is down to the work put in by you and your team and we appreciate every minute you gave to the event. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."


OB Trucks

Our compact HD OB Trucks offer a powerful and highly efficient workspace for a range of productions. Credits include Glastonbury, Newsnight and the Antiques Roadshow.

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Compact and flexible with separate gallery, engineering and audio areas, OB1 is a highly versatile 2-8 camera Unit with a small footprint ideal for TX’s where space is at a premium.

This compact HD OB truck offers flexible production with separate gallery, engineering and audio areas. The production area can be configured for each project with a range of multi-view options, grade 1 monitoring and off air feeds, file based recording as standard with a wide range of VTR’s available too. Gallery includes position for Director, Vison Mixer and PA. Highly equipped, ideal for fast turnaround short notice demanding projects.

Vivid: OB1 Download Spec Sheet  

OB1 Specification


  • For-A HVS 1 M/E Desk (12 router assigned inputs)
  • 72x72 HD-SDI and fibre router
  • OpenGear glue for distribution, conversion, etc
  • Sony O-LED Monitoring for Engineering and Director
  • Tektronix Waveform
  • 42” Multiviewer
  • Red and Green Tally


  • Sony HDC-1500 fibre camera channels
  • Sony RCP-1500 remote panels (with joystick touchdowns)
  • Canon HJ series lenses
  • Vinten grip


  • Amek BB100 - 32 channel analog desk.
  • d&b outboard gear for compression, limiting and FX


  • Telex Zeus III - 32 port intercom matrix
  • Telex KP32 Key Panels (1x Sound, 3x Gallery, 2x Engineering)
  • ProLink RTB base stations
  • Motorola GP340 series walkie-talkies


  • Length: 6.5m, Width: 2.2m


  • 1x 63a Single phase or 2x 32a Single phase (100mA RCD)



This little ‘big’ lorry has room in the gallery for director, vision mixer, PA, producer, graphics and VT plus separate engineering area for vision and sound. With a Gallery to comfortably accommodate 5 operators and 2 producers seats, OB2 offers a lot of production in a small space with a great feel.

When you need a good size production area that’s a cost effective production solution, OB2 is the truck you need. The Gallery offers a comfortable space for Director, Vision Mixer and PA along with EVS/VT playout positions. It can be single or dual racks for up to 10 cameras and offers separate VT and Audio positions with file based recording as standard but a wide range of VTR’s also available. Ideal for festivals, sport, presentation support and those long filming days away.

Vivid: OB2 Download Spec Sheet  

OB2 Specification


  • For-A HVS 1 M/E Desk (12 router assigned inputs)
  • 72 x 72 HD-SDI and fibre router
  • OpenGear glue for distribution, conversion, etc
  • Sony O-LED Monitoring for Engineering and Director
  • Tektronix Waveform
  • 52” Multiviewer
  • Red and Green Tally


  • Sony HDC-1500 fibre camera channels
  • Sony RCP-1500 remote panels (with joystick touchdowns)
  • Canon HJ series lenses
  • Vinten grip


  • Truck designed for festival use where separate sound trucks are used. However there are a number of sound options that can be included.


  • Telex Zeus III - 32 port intercom matrix
  • Telex KP32 Key Panels
  • ProLink RTB base stations
  • Motorola GP340 series walkie-talkies


  • Length: 8m, Width: 3m


  • 1x 63a Single phase or 1x 32a Single phase (100mA RCD)



We believe that flypacks are a tool of choice that can provide a real advantage to your production.

They can offer a flexible approach, get the gallery close to the action and enable the kind of set-up and operating space that could only fit in a triple expanding truck - without blowing the budget or the parking spaces.


Facilities for real


Providing bespoke engineering
solutions is one of our strengths

Our in-house Engineering Team can step into a project at any stage – whether to lead or lend support to an existing production. Recces, site surveys, system design, power provision, H&S, risk assessment and on-the-day engineering management.

Every job has its own technical drawings prepared and specced. Each system is meticulously prepped for each job.


Whatever the stage of production, we come in and work alongside teams to provide the support you need. From corporate clients looking to broadcast an event, to those who need only kit and support crew. Making sure both crew and kit are the right fit for the job.

Set Design, Venue Recces, OB & Facility Consultation

Directors, Producers, Camera Operators (including some of the best Jib Operators in the country) Lighting Cameraman, Camera Assistants, Production Managers, Visions Supervisors, Graphics Operators.

Video over IP encoders and decoders, trusted SNG and Fibre partners, extensive experience with Yahoo, Google Hangout and Youtube

"A very big thank you for a wonderfully smooth day doing the Stereophonics. The layout of the monitors was great and pics looked terrific...I was very happy with the results: a fantastic gig all round. Please thank your hard-working team"
Director, Janet Fraser-Crook


We hope you have found what you are looking for on our website. We know each project is unique and requires its own solution and approach. So if you need a production or facilities partner, we would be delighted to talk with you.

We genuinely enjoy new challenges and take seriously the trust placed in us on each project. We are committed to providing the right solutions for each job, that work within clients’ budgets and deliver the required results.

Whether music, factual, sport or light entertainment – we work with a great crew and can provide all aspects of production. These include Vision and Camera Supervisors, Directors, Vision Mixers and Audio Engineers. We also have a wide range of grip, including Jimmy Jibs, Furio and Osprey peds.


Location, Location, Location

With industry-leading technical abilities, a strong creative team and the latest in presentation equipment no matter what the scope of event, we deliver results. From super widescreen projection, high definition LED displays to multiple screens and tours both in the UK and Europe, we’ll work with you to ensure that the chosen look is achieved in the correct way. As we work in a whole host of venues, from Wembley Stadium to Westminster Palace, we often find we can provide productions specific guidance on the best options available to them for their particular location.

High res indoor screens and large scale solutions for arenas, stadiums and festivals.

Projection mapping and large scale projection solutions for creating a wow factor.

Designers, operators and systems for all kinds of graphics solutions. Social media and interaction services.

Camera and IMAG solutions for tours and one off events. Contact us for great deals and creative bespoke solutions.

IMAG, recording, distribution and set design for conferences. Extensive experience in creative communication and dynamic visual support.

Extensive experience in providing high end solutions for historic venues and palaces including bespoke displays, sets and discreet installations.


Approved supplier to the BBC, the House of Commons and Historic Royal Palaces

Recent Credits

  • V-Festival for Virgin Media
  • 100 Year Magna Carta for BBC Parliament
  • Antiques Roadshow for BBC 1
  • Latitude for Sky Arts
  • 6 Music Festival for Red Button
  • Hillsong Carols for God TV
  • Radio 2 In Concert for Red Button
  • D-Day 70 Year for Live Cinema and Red Button
  • News Night Leaders’ Interviews for BBC1
  • Radio 6 Maida Vale Sessions for Red Button
  • Save the Children Concert for Yahoo
  • TaskMaster for Dave

Recent Festivals Covered

  • V Fest
  • Glastonbury
  • Soul Survivor
  • Latitude
  • Big Church Day Out
  • Radio 1 Big Weekend

Recent Artists Filmed

  • Paul Weller
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Coldplay
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gary Barlow
  • Sterophonics
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Take That
  • Katherine Jenkins
  • Jake Bugg
  • Sigur Ros
  • Robbie Williams

Recent Venues

  • O2 Arena
  • Wembley Arena
  • Maida Vale
  • Central Hall
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Dominion Theatre
  • Ponds Forge


Vivid Broadcast formed in 2005 as an independent company with a small but experienced technical and creative team. A decade later, we are still passionate about the business and consider it a real privilege to provide multi-camera OB facilities to our corporate clients and broadcasters worldwide. In 2014 we found a new base for our growing OB Units and moved from our Horsham base to leafy Salfords, near Gatwick in Surrey.

Thoughts : Your Digital Downtime

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Your Digital Downtime

Rachael Giacomuzzi this industry more than most, we really need to make a big effort to make the break from tech to stop us from dulling our senses and rejuvenate our brains so we can approach our work refreshed, refocused and with gusto.....

Case Study : BBC Newsnight

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BBC Newsnight

We really enjoy working with the team at Newsnight. Often on quick turnaround projects, we love the diverse locations and unique challenges as the team produce programmes which specialise in analysis and robust cross-examination of senior politicians....

Thoughts : The Troubles of the New Talent

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The Troubles of the New Talent

Rachael Giacomuzzi

I may be giving my age away here but when I was at trying to get work experience in the TV industry, I sent good old-fashioned letters. As I recall, I sent about four thousand of them (or what seemed like it anyway). I remember going to the library to find the addresses of TV stations and production companies....

Thoughts : Sleep: Interrupted

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Sleep: Interrupted

Rachael Giacomuzzi

As most people now know, the electronic light from bedside clocks, phones or laptops emit just enough to miscue the brain and promote wakefulness. Although I seriously struggle with the one-hour rule, at least I’ve come to love a good old fashioned alarm clock rather than an electric one.....

Case Study : Hillsong Carols

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Hillsong Carols

Hillsong Carols at Wembley have become one of the highlights in the Vivid calendar. They definitely ensure our team get in the holiday mood with an original and energetic mix of traditional carols, big band and West End-style performances. With an early sell-out of the evening event.......

Case Study : Antiques Road Show

› Case Study

Antiques Road Show

The Antiques Roadshow is something of a national institution. So when Vivid were chosen to provide the OB facilities and management for Series 37 of the Roadshow there was a sense of delight and real responsibility. This was to be the first main outing of HD1 following its refit....

Case Study : ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

› Case Study

ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

London's ExCel Centre was the setting for the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals 2011. We covered four 12-hour days with our Flypack PPU 3. We were able to feed graphics, scores, vox pops and live backstage interviews with the players from RF cameras through to the main arena, via one of our HD investments, the stunning Christie L2K-15000 projector....

Case Study : Radio 6 Festival

› Case Study

Radio 6 Festival

When BBC Radio 6 Music hosted its inaugural Festival, online producer Guy Oldfield had a vision to turn the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester into an engaging and immersive online experience. We were delighted they asked us to be part of the team....

Case Study : Frenzy

› Case Study


Edinburgh, a city known for its arts, festivals and iconic landmarks was the setting for a live music event which attracted thousands. On the main stage we captured acts with an 8-camera set up, 2 jibs and track, multi-track audio and truck. Our purpose-built studio played host to special guests and featured inserts filmed by our Production Team in and around the host city, from Edinburgh Castle to the Forth Bridge.....




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